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30 Apr 2019

Landscaping Company in Tampa

If you need a landscaping company in Tampa you have come to the right place.  While we do service regular sized yards, our specialty is large yards up to 10 acres or more. What landscaping company in Tampa besides Tampa Mow offers high-powered quality equipment with up to 60” of cutting capacity?  We have cutting mowers with cruise control and high speed capability to cut your large yard in a snap.

Why waste your Saturday mowing when Tampa Mow is the landscaping company in Tampa that can get the job done right?  Our cutting power covers the full range from large pull-behind tractor driven bush-hog mowers all the way down to string trimmers for precision cutting.

Landscaping Company In Tampa

Landscaping Company in Tampa Offering Big Discounts

We are the #1 field and brush mowing company in the Tampa area.  Full landscaping services are available for any sized yard. Need shrubs removed? No problem! Stumps causing a problem? We’ll remove them! We can handle all your yard needs from grass cutting to tree trimming and planting.

Why is Tampa Mow be the Best Landscaping Company in Tampa?

At Tampa Mow landscaping company, we can help you install a yard that works for you and your lifestyle. There are many things to consider before hiring a landscaping company in Tampa. Any landscaper can show you beautiful pictures of garden beds and retaining walls they claimed to have built, but how do you know they have the bandwidth to put your ideas to reality?

Before starting with a landscaping company, be sure that they have the capability of implementing all of your ideas. For example, if you are looking for a landscaping company in Tampa that will plants large trees in your front yard, make sure they own a tractor with a bucket rated for the weight of the trees you are going to purchase.

If you are importing trees to your property, ask your landscaper how they plan to transport your new investment. If they don’t have a plan or tell you they will simply stand them up in the back of an old pickup truck, you may want to look elsewhere.

Landscaping Company Best Practices

There are best practices for everything from transportation of plants to transplanting and ongoing care. “Best practices” means a set way of doing things that are efficient, effective, and produce the best results for the customer.

Before you hire a landscaping company in Tampa, be sure to ask about their current workload and make sure they are not backlogged for months on end. At the same time, being available at any time for the next few weeks can be a bad sign.

When looking for a landscaping company in Tampa you should also be sure to get everything in writing. At Tampa Mow, we make sure everything is written down and all parties are in agreement. It is also important to decide whether you will continue taking care of the plants or yard that the landscaper has designed.

If you live a busy schedule and do not have time for frequent watering, ask your landscaping company in Tampa if they can install an automatic watering system or design a landscape for drought resistant plants. You can also house your landscaper come out once a year for a professional checkup while you take care of the week to week maintenance.

Top Five Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Landscaping Company in Tampa:

Here are the top five questions you should ask before hiring a landscaping company in Tampa:

  1. How soon can you start on the project? Related, how soon will you finish after you start? Having a torn up yard is unsightly, and you don’t want to hire a landscape contractor with too many irons in the fire.
  2. Can design a landscape that fits my lifestyle? Maybe you live at home and love flowers and have plenty of time for watering. Perhaps you are a frequent traveler and need to automate watering. Make sure your landscaper can create something that works for you.
  3. Can I pick out my own plants? At Tampa Mow, we can meet you at the local nursery or hardware store and let you pick out what you want installed and safely transport the largest trees back to your land.
  4. Is your equipment suited for the job? If you want heavy rocks or plants weighing 500 pounds or more transported, does the landscaper have the equipment like Tampa Mow?
  5. Will you do a good job for a reasonable price? At Tampa Mow, we don’t advertise. We rely on word-of-mouth 100% for our business. We can maintain this business model only by exceeding our customers’ demands time and time again.




30 Apr 2019

Stump Removal in Tampa

Stump Removal in Tampa

Tampa Mow specialized in effective stump removal in Tampa.  Most stump removal companies simply grind a stump to just below the ground, leaving the land unusable and also the possibility of regrowth.

At Tampa Mow we offer stump removal with a plan.  We can give you multiple options for replacing the stump or tree that once occupied your yard.  While many homeowners go with a simple re-sod, we can discuss replacing your removed stump with another tree or yard feature.

Stump Removal In Tampa

Best Stump Removal in Tampa

At Tampa Mow, we give our customers a wide range of options for stump removal.  We can simply grind your stump down to below the property line which is the most cost-effective option. Property owners that do not care about sod or plant re-growth often chose this option.

For property owners that want to plant sod after the stump is removed, we recommend having us pull out the entire stump and root ball.  Not only does this eliminate the possibility of re-growth, it lets us replace the stump with fill dirt, topsoil, and fresh sod to match the landscape.

The Right Gear for Removing Stumps in Tampa

At Tampa Mow, we have a variety of stump removal equipment.  Our stump grinder eliminates stumps to approximately 2 inches below the soil line.  Our backhoe can completely remove a stump and root ball.  If you have bamboo or similar plant that grows out of an extensive root mass, hiring Tampa Mow to use our backhoe may be your only option for effective, immediate stump removal.

We never remove stumps in Tampa or the surrounding areas with poisons that can leak into your well system or poison surrounding vegetation.  Killing a stump with poison is potentially dangerous and poses a hazard to surrounding plants and the underlying water table.

Stump Removal in Tampa: Digging and Replacing

For discriminating customers that want the entire stump removed, Tampa Mow can dig your stump out with a backhoe and replace it with dirt fill, then a layer of topsoil, then anything you desire on the ground surface.  Some property owners opt for the area to be re-sodded, while other property owners want a replacement tree.

Before just replacing the tree, especially if the tree was diseased, the experts at Tampa Mow will determine what options would suit you best.  If you are replacing a diseased tree, let’s investigate why the tree got sick in the first place. Often, homeowners will plant trees in an area that used to be a swamp and the trees will drown. Cyprus trees in the area, especially that are level to the surface you are trying to grown on, can indicate that the area was too wet to use.

There are several options to remedy this.  The homeowner can try a different variety of tree that is more tolerant to wet areas.  Or, Tampa Mow can construct a planter box that raises the mass of the root ball above the ground level thus giving the tree dry periods and reducing the chance for disease.


21 Apr 2019

Residential Lawn Care

What makes a good residential lawn care company? When looking for a residential lawn care company, there are several factors you should consider.

How well maintained is equipment? At Tampa Mow, we regularly check the sharpness of our tools. A sharp mower will keep all grass even in height without leaving patches or tearing roots out.

What services can they do? At Tampa Mow we are not limited to one service, we are well equipped for tilling, bush clearing, stump removal, weed removal, and fine mowing. If you have a large lawn, we can do fine mowing around your house, then use our tractor with a pull behind mower to keep the rest of your acreage with local ordinances, in Hillsborough county for example; grass or weeds should not grow over 12 inches.

Who is working in the lawn care company? Here at Tampa Mow, your lawn is our primary concern. Many times we have seen people mowing in the rain which tears grass and ends up leaving it worse than before. If conditions for mowing are unfavorable, we will refund or reschedule your appointment to make sure your lawn is not destroyed.

Why residential lawn care saves money.

Taking residential lawn care into your own hands may seem cheaper, however the cost of equipment such as mowers, hedge trimmers, and edger’s will add up fairly quickly. Hiring a company such as Tampa Mow will negate those costs, as well as upgrading the equipment to professional grade for a fraction of the original cost. Hiring a residential lawn care company will do so much more than just improve the looks of your lawn, it is a more cost-efficient option.

Why residential lawn care saves time.

Spending a morning to a full day on your lawn may not be an option for most busy Florida residents. Here is where Tampa Mow can help by providing a full range of services to let you take the time to enjoy whatever you may need to do. With proper equipment such as the tools in use at Tampa Mow, we will guarantee a fast and quality lawn care service.

What does Tampa Mow specialize in with residential lawn care?

Tampa Mow specializes in the residential lawn care of large areas of land. Our equipment allows us to treat any size lawn with care, but our tractor can mow sizeable amounts of land, regardless of obstacles. If you need rocks or trees removed from your yard before mowing, we will gladly move them to any location desired. Although our specialization is large areas of land, small lawns are still easily manageable, with the same degree of quality as a large lawn

What would residential lawn care include?

Residential lawn care should not be limited to just mowing. A well maintained lawn should be free of weeds, large rocks, patches of dirt, or any grass growing onto walls. Residential lawn care is any treatment of greenery around your house, and can even include the removal of greenery such as the trimming or uprooting of undesirable swamp grasses that seem to inhabit every Florida yard. With the assortment of tools used by Tampa Mow, we can handle any issue you might have with your lawn, be it unruly trees, an unwanted hedge, or just tall grass.

What equipment should I use for residential lawn care?

For residential lawn care, there should be a wide use of different tools, as no yard has just grass. For the average yard, you will need a mower, bush trimmer, edger, leaf blower, and a pole saw. These tools are expensive, and break down over time. At Tampa Mow, we have high-grade equipment that is maintained regularly, so that you can enjoy the benefits of a lawn cared for with quality equipment, without needing to worry about what kind of tools you need to buy.

Why is residential lawn care important?

Residential lawn care shows that you care about your home, so you should have the best lawn you can get. At Tampa Mow, we use the right tools to get your lawn to the state you want. A green, well cut lawn also reduces soil erosion and pests such as beetles. Maintaining your lawn is a great investment for living in a neighborhood or out on a large property



20 Apr 2019

Planting Trees in Tampa

Tree Planting: Tampa Mow Knows How!

If you are looking for how to plant trees in the Tampa, Florida area, you have come to the right place! Tampa Mow offers services such as tree removal and planting or transplanting of large trees.  Sometimes the trees customers contact us about are too heavy to move by hand.  Thankfully, we have a powerful tractor running with hydraulic buckets, claws, and tillers that are more than capable of moving a tree that is too cumbersome to move by oneself. Tampa Mow also has the knowledge for planting a wide variety of trees and clearing driveways or entire yards of weeds or other junk.

Planting Trees in Tampa the Right Way

What is the right way to plant a 100 pound tree in Tampa?  We use the plastic pot to set your tree in the right place, then cut it with a box blade when it is set.  This causes minimal damage to the tree.  We also have a tractor to transport your tree to its new home.  Before the tree has been properly acclimated to the soil, we use the right equipment in order to dig a suitable hole and evenly spread fertilizer. Our process of planting trees guarantees that large heavy greenery is planted correctly and efficiently, with the right tools and supplies.

Tree Planting Do’s and Dent’s

There are many tree planting tips we could share, but here are the top.


Plant at the top of hills- One of the most common ways trees are killed is from excess water as a result of their location. Make sure to plant high so all unnecessary water not absorbed by roots flows away.

Break up roots- Leaving the root ball as is before planting restricts the plants growth. Break up any root clusters you see while pruning tangles roots.

Dig a large hole and fertilize before planting- If you plant a tree in a small hole without fertilizer, expecting any growth will be a gamble. Providing proper space and soil will encourage the sapling to rapidly grow into a large tree.

Mulch around the tree- Mulch helps prevent the tree from heating up and drying out. Using a quality mulch in the correct form without touching the trunk adds a layer of support and protection against the harsh Floridian heat.


Forget to water newly planted trees or shrubs- The best way to make sure you are watering correctly is to physically check beneath the mulch and make sure the root ball is soaking up water.

Water too quickly- New trees have not had the opportunity to expand their root structure. The best way to water a new tree is to crack the hose open just a bit and leave it to slowly soak the root ball and surrounding area for about thirty minutes. This ensures a thorough soaking of the root ball.

Damage the tree during transportation- If you stand the tree up on the back of a truck or trailer, you risk wind damage to a trees leaves. For example, if you are driving home at 50 mph, your tree is being damaged by 50 mph winds, the best thing to do is leave it to the professionals at Tampa Mow to transport and plant your tree.

Tree Planting Adds Value to Florida Homes

Studies have found again and again that planting trees and landscaping is the best investment you can make to raise your property value. If you are getting ready to sell your home, now is the perfect time to pull out those old weeds and plant new trees and colorful plants around your home. Generally, realtors will tell you that the return on a tree planting or landscaping investment in the Tampa area is at least going to cover your initial investment, if not double it or more. Landscaping is simply the easiest thing you can do to sell your house quickly for the highest value possible.

Add Shade to Your Yard with Planting Trees

Tree planting is one of the most environmentally friendly way to keep your summer electric bill down. Especially in Florida with exceptionally high heat during the summer, just a few trees benefit looks, value, and quality of life.

We Have the Right Tools for Tree Planting

Our tree planting tools include a heavy duty diesel tractor and landscape trailer to get your tree investment safety home. The diesel tractor comes equipped with the right equipment to excavate a hole with sizes ranging for a small to a substantial tree, along with moving or transplanting any greenery. The tools ensure that the planting process is fast, so the tree doesn’t lose vital soil or root structure.

How to Get Started With Your Tampa Area Tree Planting Project

We can meet you at a landscape supply or hardware store where you pick out your specimens for your tree planting project and stock up on the compatible fertilizer. Our landscaping equipment and knowledge will ensure you will never have to lift a finger in the process of improving your yard. A new tree and a 15 gallon container or larger can weigh 100lbs or more. At Tampa Mow, we have the right equipment to get your tree to its new home without damaging your new investment, or your back.



20 Apr 2019

Tractor Service Tampa

We offer tractor services in Tampa including brush clearing, stump removal, yard cleanup, gravel spreading, sod removal, garden tilling and much more.  Essentially, anything you need a tractor or backhoe for, we can probably do it- whether that’s mowing, landscaping, construction or demolition.


Tractor Service In Tampa


Our tractor lineup is geared for agricultural services and light demolition/construction use.  Our tractors are powerful enough to get the job done, but light enough to not cause damage to your yard.  We use quality equipment and do a quality job.

You’ve probably seen commercials for John Deere, Kubota, or Mahindra farm tractors and wished you had one for one or two projects on your property.  Why make a significant investment when we have the right equipment and expertise to get the job done?

Things like digging a ditch, building a French drain, plating or clearing trees, mowing, clearing large areas, moving stone in a driveway, tilling a garden or even removing obstacles from the yard is what people most commonly call Tampa Mow for.  We also work with Real Estate Agents to improve the value of seller’s homes for maximum return on investment.

Superior Tampa Tractor Services

What makes Tampa Mow the best tractor service? First, we use the right gear for the job. Our mini-backhoe is able to dig out the largest stumps, bamboo, or shrubs around. We can even demolish concrete driveways, walkways, and patios.

Secondly, we keep up-to-date with the latest in landscaping trends and advancements with fertilizer, pesticides, and “best practice” for landscapers. Our expertise can solve your landscaping problems before they start.

Finally, at Tampa Mow we love what we do.  We take pride in our work and love helping customers add value to their property. Standing back and looking at a job well done is what keep us motivated to work hard and do our best to satisfy customers every day.

Tampa Tractor Services for Stubborn Plants

Do you have overgrown hedges, bamboo, tree stumps, or an entire lot to clean up? We can help! We’ve helped out house flippers, homeowners looking to sell fast, or people looking to raise their property values. We can change that abandon looking haunted house into a pristine beauty fast with our brush mower, backhoe, and root grapple setup.

While most stump grinding services just grind the stump down to the soil line, we can completely remove a stump and root system.  For some trees, shrubs, and plants (such as bamboo) removing the entire root system is the only sure way the plant won’t grow back.

Additionally, if you plan to use the ground where the stump was, grinding it to just below the soil line will not work.  We can use our backhoe and root grapple to completely remove the stump and root structure making the ground 100% useable again.

Looking for Ongoing Tractor Services?

Some of our customers have yards of 5 acres or more and need lot clearing (bush hogging), field mowing, and finish mowing of areas around the house.  If you have a large yard, you can’t beat Tampa Mow’s prices or service.  You can depend on us to do what’s right and take care of your land like it was our own.

Ever had a mowing company mow your yard in the rain, leaving deep ruts in the ground?  At Tampa Mow, we don’t do this.  We can reschedule if it rains, and delays in mowing work to your financial benefit as you only pay for services we perform. The next time you see a mowing company use a heavy riding mower on your property in the rain, think Tampa Mow as your next large-yard service.

We can also help with ongoing services that are done once per season or year.  We can till your garden with a gear-driven tiller, bringing up fresh soil and breaking up the ground for your hobby garden.

What Our Tampa Tractor Service Customers Say

In a recent poll, 98% of Tampa Mow customers say we raised their property value.  Similarly, 98% of our customers would recommend us to a friend.  Finally, a recent poll showed that 99% of Tampa Mow customers agreed what we had beautified their yard as a result of services.

You can reach out today by calling us at 813-454-1050.  Or, text us a photo of your project for fast assistance.  We can give you quotes quickly in most cases.

13 Apr 2019

Tampa lawn care services

Every home needs a lawn not just to add beauty and add a natural look to the home but to also help family members live a healthier life by a close source of fresh air. Lawn maintenance is important in making your home glow and the care or treatment given to the lawn year round changes based on seasons and let’s face it, you do not want to be the one with the dirty lawn in the neighborhood so it important that the lawn is kept fresh, pruned and bright but many times you are too busy to give the lawn the attention its needs and this is where Tampa Lawn Care services comes in. Tampa Mow provides consultation and maintenance services for its client who desire to have the best possible lawn. Our services are performed in a flawless manner and without delay, we also keep a spreadsheet documenting every visit, and recommendations on how the lawn should be further maintained the rate at which it should be watered, when it should be pruned etc.

Tampa Lawn care

When it comes to maintaining your lawn Tampa Law care services includes but is not limited to the following functions:

Watering: We provide advice on how frequently and the quantity of water to be used in watering the lawn. As seasons differ the need for water either increases or reduces and adjusting the quantity of water poured on the plants during such times is important. Plants need water to grow and the common rule is that 6 to 8 inches of the soil should have enough water in it to enable the root grow deeper in the ground and when the plants aren’t properly watered their colors begin to change and turn brownish this is an indication that it needs water.

Mowing:  it can be compared to cutting your hair, when your hair grows you cut it not only to reduce its height to what you want but to also trim it so that its even and when this is done it looks more beautiful and attractive and the same applies to your lawn. Lawns that aren’t mowed look unkept and they lose their beauty. Mowing your grass not only enhances its beauty but it also reduces the stress on its roots. It is advised that your lawn maintains the height of you grass between 2-3 inches from the ground depending on the season.

Fertilizing: Fertilizers are used to help grasses grow and keeps them healthier which is the desire of any lawn owner.  We recommend the best type of fertilizers to be used and provide instructions on how they should be used.

Weeding: Weeding is the act of removing unwanted plants. Weeding should be done frequently to allow the wanted plants grow as comfortably and healthily as possible.

Contact Tampa Mow lawn care services for your lawn maintenance services. We also have consultation services to give advice and training on how to maintain lawns give your lawn its beauty.


03 Apr 2019

Gardening is good on many levels

Scientists identified the smallest amount of exercise needed to improve brain function. Now, in an effort to help us keep changing our habits as little as possible while maximizing health benefits, another study has even better news. An analysis in The British Medical Journal reports that incredibly short amounts of very easy exercise can have powerful effects. Gardening can be one of the […]