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26 Sep 2020

Tree Trimming in Lutz

Tree Trimming Lutz, FL!

We are your go-to tree trimming in Lutz, FL service as our headquarters is off of Lutz Lake Fern Road near Steinbrenner. If you are looking for tree trimming in Lutz, FL we are likely the closest, most affordable, and most professional tree trimmers you can find!

Our Lutz, FL tree trimming services include Palms, Oaks, Magnolias, Pines, and any tree type you can find in Lutz, FL or the Tampa area.

Professional Tree Trimming in Lutz, FL

We are one of the top tree trimming services in Lutz. We are familiar with all of the rules and regulations for Hillsborough (and Pasco) county for trimming Oak, Palm, Magnolia, and many other species of trees. We know how to file the needed permits, and in what situations a permit might not be needed.

Tree Trimming for Lutz HOA Residents

Do you need tree trimming services for a home in an HOA area? Great! We have dealt with most, if not all, of the HOA’s in Lutz. We can help you get HOA compliant and avoid getting those HOA nasty-grams. Let us resolve your HOA woes.

Lutz Tree Trimming Process

To get started, give us a call at 813-454-1050. Texting us a photo of the trees you want to be trimmed along with your street address is helpful as well.

We will promptly reply with a quote or schedule a visit to discuss your needs.

On the day of arrival, we will trim and haul your branches away in our 16-foot high capacity hydraulic dump trailer. Because we use a dump trailer, we can quickly dispose of your yard waste at a recycling facility and come back to finish the job if needed. While other companies spend half their time unloading limbs at the dump, we just lift, dump and go- this way we can be right back on the job beautifying your yard.

Tree Trimming in Lutz, Wesley Chapel, Odessa

While we are based in Lutz, we also serve the entire Tampa area including Wesley Chapel, Odessa, and more. We’ve served Pasco and Pinellas counties as well.

Give us a call today at 813-454-1050 and we will be glad to give you a quote.


20 Sep 2020

Bush Hog Services in Odessa, Lutz, Tampa Areas

Hillsborough and Pasco Bush Hog Services

If you are looking for Bush Hog or Brush Hog services in Tampa, especially Odessa, Lutz, Wesley Chapel, Land O Lakes, Hillsborough or Pasco County, look no further.  Bush Hogging or Brush Hogging is what we do.

We are centrally located in Lutz just north of Tampa but we commonly bush hog in Odessa, Tarpon Springs, Land O Lakes, St Pete, Clearwater, and all areas surrounding Tampa.

Bush Hogging is field mowing, not lot clearing

“Bush hogging” is also called tractor mowing, field mowing, pasture mowing, brush mowing, brush hogging, and bush hog service to name a few alternate terms. Here in the Tampa area of Florida, most people call it “bush hogging.” Bush hogging is not land clearing, however. We do provide land clearing services at an extra cost. If you have an 8-foot high brush or small trees to be removed, please let us know as this requires an in-person estimate.

You can read more about field mowing and lot clearing here.

We partner with property owners, construction companies, and property investors to keep their large property, vacant lots, or construction sites free of brush and overgrown areas. We have cabbed tractors so that we can mow in the hottest weather or during the rain.

If you are looking for Bush Hogging, Brush Hogging, Feild Mowing, or large area lot cleanup in the Tampa area, we are the best. Just give us a call at 813-454-1050 and we will provide you with a competitive quote to bush hog your property today.

We are based in Lutz but have bush hogged properties far away. Most of our clients have properties in Tampa, Odessa, Land O Lakes, Wesley Chapel, and areas off I-4 south east of Tampa.

We bush hog all areas in Hillsborough and Pasco county.

What is Bush Hogging?

Bush Hog or Brush Hog services is a term for clearing land with a rotary mower, typically attached to the power-takeoff (PTO) of a tractor. It takes some level of skill to bush hog properly.

During the summer months, we recommend bush hogging about every 3 weeks. During the winter, bush hogging services can drop to once per month or less frequently.

Bush Hogging is not fine mowing. With a fine mower, you can only mow over grass. Your typical lawnmower is a fine mower, for example. You would not want to attempt to mow over a bush with a 4-inch diameter stalk with a regular lawnmower.

With a bush hog attached to a tractor, we can mow over most shrubs and small trees. If you have obstacles on your property such as stumps, bricks, or concrete blocks please notify us before we start mowing. Also, please let us know of any septic tanks on the property before we start.

Call us today at 813-454-1050 if you would like to inquire about bush hog services in Tampa, Lutz, Odessa, or anywhere in Hillsborough or Pasco county.