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We Are Tampa Mow

We offer superior and affordable services including; landscaping, large area mowing (bush hog/brush hog), grading, large tree or complete garden installation, bamboo removal, digging or material spreading services, backhoe and driveway leveling services. We can make any yard project a reality.

Tampa Mow is a full-service landscaping company with a straightforward and unique design/build philosophy.  We believe in clear and regular communication from your initial conception to the realization of your project.

Tampa Mow is made up of a group of highly skilled landscaping professionals who pay a lot of attention to small details. Our staff keeps your property looking and functioning beautifully. We use top-quality equipment that is expertly maintained.

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Tampa Mow in the House (or Yard)

Monty Bishop

Project Advisor

Monty is 175 lbs of pure muscle. He can rip out a stump with his bare hands, but we have a tractor and stump grinder anyway just so the rest of the crew doesn't feel useless. Monty is the shining example of what a young man can achieve with a little bit of work ethic. Monty is an American College Foundation scholarship winner competing academically on a national level. Monty likes competing in wrestling tournaments, playing the bass guitar, learning new languages, and trading pins at Disney.

Strengths: Can mow or work all day to meet a deadline, and does all the heavy lifting.

Weaknesses: Tower of Terror at Disney, fish.

Mike Bishop

Project Advisor

Mike has been operating heavy equipment since before he could walk, sitting on his dad's lap while on the family tractor in Oklahoma.

If it runs on disel, Mike can drive it. Mike loves tractors and backhoes and truly enjoys doing what he does.

Strengths: Mike can turn a bottle cap inside-out using just his thumb and 2 fingers.

Weaknesses: Mike can't resist stopping everything to pet a cat in the yard. If you want us to work fast, put your kitties away.


Project Advisor

Johnathan is an ambitious young man and father with a long-term plan of owning his own service company one day. His work experience includes tree work, sodding, and all kinds of lot clearing, fence line clearing, and tractor work. He is an athlete and you can find him lifting weights or going for a long bike ride when not working.

Strengths: Works very hard all day long.

Weaknesses: Ask Johnathan if he likes to climb ladders.

Top-Notch Landscaping Gear


At Tampa Mow, we own a variety of tractors from small lawn to powerful diesel tractors with a variety of implements. The tractor featured here is equipped with a grapple, making it small enough to drive on your yard with minimal damage, yet specialized and powerful enough that in the right hands can rip the root structure out of any shrub, bamboo, plant or tree you may have on your property.  Why spend hours with a pickaxe taking out roots when we are a phone call away?

Strengths: The right gear for the right job. We won't mow when it's wet, and we will give you a variety of options if available.

Weaknesses: So fun to operate, we want to keep going after the toughest jobs.


A 3/4 Ton 2500HD Silverado Truck

Clita is the backbone of Tampa Mow. Clita hauls up to three mowers, trimmers, edgers, a diesel tractor with a front end loader, grapple, stump grinder, box blade, bush hog, belly mower, backhoe, and roto-tiller to make the perfect garden! Clita is named after one of the owner's ex-girlfriends, as this truck is one of the only vehicles on the road that could physically haul her (with proper restraints, and starting off going downhill first).

Strengths: V8 engine with plenty of power and 14,500 towing capacity.

Weaknesses: Clita's heavy-duty suspension is likely not large enough to haul her namesake with any additional passengers.

We are hiring Landscapers

Are you a top producer who is looking to show your landscaping skills to us and be fairly rewarded? Are you able to manage job sites and read landscape drawings?


At The Landscaper we offer:
 Full Time, Year Round employment
 Shared benefit package
 Excellent work environment


% Customers that said we raised property value
% Customers that would recommend us to a friend
% Customers that agreed we beautified their yard