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26 Sep 2020

Tree Trimming in Lutz

Tree Trimming Lutz, FL!

We are your go-to tree trimming in Lutz, FL service as our headquarters is off of Lutz Lake Fern Road near Steinbrenner. If you are looking for tree trimming in Lutz, FL we are likely the closest, most affordable, and most professional tree trimmers you can find!

Our Lutz, FL tree trimming services include Palms, Oaks, Magnolias, Pines, and any tree type you can find in Lutz, FL or the Tampa area.

Professional Tree Trimming in Lutz, FL

We are one of the top tree trimming services in Lutz. We are familiar with all of the rules and regulations for Hillsborough (and Pasco) county for trimming Oak, Palm, Magnolia, and many other species of trees. We know how to file the needed permits, and in what situations a permit might not be needed.

Tree Trimming for Lutz HOA Residents

Do you need tree trimming services for a home in an HOA area? Great! We have dealt with most, if not all, of the HOA’s in Lutz. We can help you get HOA compliant and avoid getting those HOA nasty-grams. Let us resolve your HOA woes.

Lutz Tree Trimming Process

To get started, give us a call at 813-454-1050. Texting us a photo of the trees you want to be trimmed along with your street address is helpful as well.

We will promptly reply with a quote or schedule a visit to discuss your needs.

On the day of arrival, we will trim and haul your branches away in our 16-foot high capacity hydraulic dump trailer. Because we use a dump trailer, we can quickly dispose of your yard waste at a recycling facility and come back to finish the job if needed. While other companies spend half their time unloading limbs at the dump, we just lift, dump and go- this way we can be right back on the job beautifying your yard.

Tree Trimming in Lutz, Wesley Chapel, Odessa

While we are based in Lutz, we also serve the entire Tampa area including Wesley Chapel, Odessa, and more. We’ve served Pasco and Pinellas counties as well.

Give us a call today at 813-454-1050 and we will be glad to give you a quote.


15 May 2019

Tampa Shrub, Bush, and Hedge Removal

Tampa Shrub, Bush, and Hedge Removal

At Tampa Mow, we specialize in difficult to remove shrubs, bushes, or hedges.  Plants in Florida are unique to say the least. Sometimes at Tampa Mow we find customers that want hedges removed and it’s as simple as one or two scoops with a backhoe and a trip to the landfill.

Shrub removal is much more difficult with palm trees around.  Anyone who has ever tried to dig around a palm tree know how the root structure makes the ground next to impossible to break up with hand tools.

Hedge Removal in Tampa: What Not to Do

Often homeowners try to remove hedges in Tampa around oak or palm trees that have root structures which make the removal next to impossible.  We have seen customers that have even tried taking a chainsaw to the ground because a shovel won’t penetrate more than an inch deep.  While you can remove a hedge this way, it will ruin your chainsaw blade and your bar, not to mention potentially overheating your saw.

If you are looking for the best shrub, bush, or hedge removal company that can get into small areas and remove plants you have found it.  Don’t break your back or ruin your tools on a job we are experienced with and have the proper tools for the task.

Bush Removal in Tampa

If you have a bush that has become overgrown, Tampa Mow can give you a variety of options.  Sometime if the growth is sparse or if the plant is sick, digging up the plant is the best option.  Other times, pruning the bush back with a chainsaw or lopping shears is the easiest option.

Tampa Mow has diesel powered landscaping equipment including a backhoe, loader, grapple, tiller, box blade, field mower and more that can help you achieve the front yard of your dreams.  We can get into tight spaces because of our specialized equipment and expertise.

Shrub Removal in Tampa

Shrub removal in Tampa can be a hot and back-breaking task if you don’t have the right tools for the job. If you are wanting a total yard cleanup and your front yard is just a mess of overgrown roots impossible to break up by hand, we are the company you need.  We have a box blade with scarifier to break up surface roots, and a backhoe and grapple for problem roots.

Scarifier and Box Blade for Quickly Ripping up Roots and Leveling Your Ground


Most customers are surprised to find that hiring Tampa Mow for a day can be cheaper than renting a backhoe. Even if you can find a backhoe for cheap, it’s likely it will take several days of operation to build the skills needed to operate it proficiently.  Most of all, if your shrub, bush, or hedge is near a window or against your house, do you really want to risk your largest investment if you are not an experienced heavy equipment operator?

Shrub, Bush, and Hedge Removal Pros in Tampa

Tampa Mow are the shrub, bush, and hedge removal pros. Give us a call today or text us a photo of your project to 813-454-1050 and we can get you a quote.  We can remove the most stubborn of shrubs, bush, and hedges.

Getting Started on a Hedge Removal Project


Shrub Removal


Look at All Those Roots! We Can Solve Your Root Problem.

15 May 2019

Sod Planting in Tampa

Installing sod in Tampa on large patches of land is intense work, especially in the humid and tropical climate of Florida. Laying sod is a quick method to get a thick, green lawn with faster results than that of planting grass seeds. Sod is a convenient way to get a lawn looking healthy, with its ability to be planted at most times of the year in Florida.  At Tampa Mow, we have the right equipment and knowledge to re-sod any yard and keep it healthy. We will till the soil, then provide sod, fertilizer, and the manpower to cover your yard with fresh, green grass.

Sod Installation In Tampa

What should I look for in the quality of sod?

At Tampa Mow we buy sod directly from the manufacturer, installing the sod the day it’s cut to preserve color and health. Wholesale manufacturers provide a superior quality of sod, with a thick dirt base compared to the sandy, thin sod for sale at most hardware stores. The grass of the sod itself should be dense and long (at least 2 inches), along with being spread even throughout the patch of soil. The grass needs to be the same shade of green throughout and have a thick system of roots.

What tricks can I use when planting sod?

When installing sod in Tampa, it can be planted in a pattern similar to bricks, so that water does not flow in a straight line out of the sod. Tilling the soil beforehand speeds up the rooting process along with leveling out the land. Laying out the sod row by row will prevent alignment issues and subsequently covers seams between the pieces of sod. Minimizing space between individual patches of sod reduces water loss, and allows roots to grow together, strengthening the grip the grass has on the land.

How often should I water sod?

Installing sod should usually be done during the rainy season. After the sod is planted, water twice a day for the first two weeks, then water every other day for another two weeks. Do not water your yard before laying sod, so that the soil stays dry and even during the planting of new grass. The watering should be repeated three times a day during the hottest months of the year, at around 8 AM, 12 PM and 2 PM. It is possible to set a sprinkler a few months after installation, as the roots will be in the soil and won’t require as much water. Watering is most effective if done early in the morning, so that sunlight and heat cannot cause excessive evaporation, especially in the extreme Florida heat.

How can I prepare soil for sod?

At Tampa Mow, we have the equipment to clear large areas of land for sod installation in Tampa with our tractor-mounted rototiller. The rototiller will remove grass and weeds without the use of poison to protect the rest of your lawn while clearing what was dead or dying. The soil should be fertilized at least four times a year when the sod is installed, with the first fertilizer used within six weeks after the sod is first placed. If the sod struggled to anchor and was slow to root, wait to fertilize the sod until about four weeks after the sod acclimates to the soil


Sod Planting In Tampa

How long does it take sod to grow into the soil?

After the sod installation, it takes up to two weeks for roots to initially sink into the topsoil. After six weeks, the sod will be securely anchored into the ground and will be ready to mow. The land used with sod should be tilled before planting, and fertilized at least six weeks later. At Tampa Mow, we have high quality equipment to prepare land for sod so that it grows and anchors quickly and easily, without dead patches of grass.

What can I do to prevent sod from dying quickly?

Sod installation in Tampa is fairly easy, but there are five tips to keep sod healthy:

Avoid walking on new sod for up to six weeks- Sod needs to grow its roots into the ground for nutrients to live. Not only will walking on sod misalign it, it will also end up strangling the sod for food and eventually killing it. Do not mow the sod, as the lawnmower will move and destroy the grasses’ roots.

Water sod twice daily for two weeks- As the sod is initially adjusting to new soil, it will need to be watered multiple times a day for a few weeks. One of the most common ways sod dies is when it is only watered once after planting, then just placed on a sprinkler system. The sod can be checked throughout the day and should not have a crunchy texture. On especially hot days in the Florida heat, the grass will need to be watered up to three times in order to keep its green color

Use fertilizer within a few weeks of installation- Fertilizer helps keep sod green and thick, it should be used a few weeks after planting, and at least four times throughout the year. The fertilizer used should be very rich in nitrogen.

Avoid planting during winter- Even in hot areas, winter can deliver a few cold days that are fatal towards new sod. The best time to plant sod is in the spring, during the long rainy season we enjoy in Florida. Rain accompanied with adequate sunlight will support a healthy green lawn.

Allow grass to grow long as it establishes root system- Long grass takes in more sunlight for food, along with taking up space that would otherwise be weeds. Reducing the amount of mowing with new sod also gives the grass time to adjust to soil, and take in nutrients.




30 Apr 2019

Landscaping Company in Tampa

If you need a landscaping company in Tampa you have come to the right place.  While we do service regular sized yards, our specialty is large yards up to 10 acres or more. What landscaping company in Tampa besides Tampa Mow offers high-powered quality equipment with up to 60” of cutting capacity?  We have cutting mowers with cruise control and high speed capability to cut your large yard in a snap.

Why waste your Saturday mowing when Tampa Mow is the landscaping company in Tampa that can get the job done right?  Our cutting power covers the full range from large pull-behind tractor driven bush-hog mowers all the way down to string trimmers for precision cutting.

Landscaping Company In Tampa

Landscaping Company in Tampa Offering Big Discounts

We are the #1 field and brush mowing company in the Tampa area.  Full landscaping services are available for any sized yard. Need shrubs removed? No problem! Stumps causing a problem? We’ll remove them! We can handle all your yard needs from grass cutting to tree trimming and planting.

Why is Tampa Mow be the Best Landscaping Company in Tampa?

At Tampa Mow landscaping company, we can help you install a yard that works for you and your lifestyle. There are many things to consider before hiring a landscaping company in Tampa. Any landscaper can show you beautiful pictures of garden beds and retaining walls they claimed to have built, but how do you know they have the bandwidth to put your ideas to reality?

Before starting with a landscaping company, be sure that they have the capability of implementing all of your ideas. For example, if you are looking for a landscaping company in Tampa that will plants large trees in your front yard, make sure they own a tractor with a bucket rated for the weight of the trees you are going to purchase.

If you are importing trees to your property, ask your landscaper how they plan to transport your new investment. If they don’t have a plan or tell you they will simply stand them up in the back of an old pickup truck, you may want to look elsewhere.

Landscaping Company Best Practices

There are best practices for everything from transportation of plants to transplanting and ongoing care. “Best practices” means a set way of doing things that are efficient, effective, and produce the best results for the customer.

Before you hire a landscaping company in Tampa, be sure to ask about their current workload and make sure they are not backlogged for months on end. At the same time, being available at any time for the next few weeks can be a bad sign.

When looking for a landscaping company in Tampa you should also be sure to get everything in writing. At Tampa Mow, we make sure everything is written down and all parties are in agreement. It is also important to decide whether you will continue taking care of the plants or yard that the landscaper has designed.

If you live a busy schedule and do not have time for frequent watering, ask your landscaping company in Tampa if they can install an automatic watering system or design a landscape for drought resistant plants. You can also house your landscaper come out once a year for a professional checkup while you take care of the week to week maintenance.

Top Five Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Landscaping Company in Tampa:

Here are the top five questions you should ask before hiring a landscaping company in Tampa:

  1. How soon can you start on the project? Related, how soon will you finish after you start? Having a torn up yard is unsightly, and you don’t want to hire a landscape contractor with too many irons in the fire.
  2. Can design a landscape that fits my lifestyle? Maybe you live at home and love flowers and have plenty of time for watering. Perhaps you are a frequent traveler and need to automate watering. Make sure your landscaper can create something that works for you.
  3. Can I pick out my own plants? At Tampa Mow, we can meet you at the local nursery or hardware store and let you pick out what you want installed and safely transport the largest trees back to your land.
  4. Is your equipment suited for the job? If you want heavy rocks or plants weighing 500 pounds or more transported, does the landscaper have the equipment like Tampa Mow?
  5. Will you do a good job for a reasonable price? At Tampa Mow, we don’t advertise. We rely on word-of-mouth 100% for our business. We can maintain this business model only by exceeding our customers’ demands time and time again.




30 Apr 2019

Stump Removal in Tampa

Stump Removal in Tampa

Tampa Mow specialized in effective stump removal in Tampa.  Most stump removal companies simply grind a stump to just below the ground, leaving the land unusable and also the possibility of regrowth.

At Tampa Mow we offer stump removal with a plan.  We can give you multiple options for replacing the stump or tree that once occupied your yard.  While many homeowners go with a simple re-sod, we can discuss replacing your removed stump with another tree or yard feature.

Stump Removal In Tampa

Best Stump Removal in Tampa

At Tampa Mow, we give our customers a wide range of options for stump removal.  We can simply grind your stump down to below the property line which is the most cost-effective option. Property owners that do not care about sod or plant re-growth often chose this option.

For property owners that want to plant sod after the stump is removed, we recommend having us pull out the entire stump and root ball.  Not only does this eliminate the possibility of re-growth, it lets us replace the stump with fill dirt, topsoil, and fresh sod to match the landscape.

The Right Gear for Removing Stumps in Tampa

At Tampa Mow, we have a variety of stump removal equipment.  Our stump grinder eliminates stumps to approximately 2 inches below the soil line.  Our backhoe can completely remove a stump and root ball.  If you have bamboo or similar plant that grows out of an extensive root mass, hiring Tampa Mow to use our backhoe may be your only option for effective, immediate stump removal.

We never remove stumps in Tampa or the surrounding areas with poisons that can leak into your well system or poison surrounding vegetation.  Killing a stump with poison is potentially dangerous and poses a hazard to surrounding plants and the underlying water table.

Stump Removal in Tampa: Digging and Replacing

For discriminating customers that want the entire stump removed, Tampa Mow can dig your stump out with a backhoe and replace it with dirt fill, then a layer of topsoil, then anything you desire on the ground surface.  Some property owners opt for the area to be re-sodded, while other property owners want a replacement tree.

Before just replacing the tree, especially if the tree was diseased, the experts at Tampa Mow will determine what options would suit you best.  If you are replacing a diseased tree, let’s investigate why the tree got sick in the first place. Often, homeowners will plant trees in an area that used to be a swamp and the trees will drown. Cyprus trees in the area, especially that are level to the surface you are trying to grown on, can indicate that the area was too wet to use.

There are several options to remedy this.  The homeowner can try a different variety of tree that is more tolerant to wet areas.  Or, Tampa Mow can construct a planter box that raises the mass of the root ball above the ground level thus giving the tree dry periods and reducing the chance for disease.


13 Apr 2019

Tampa lawn care services

Every home needs a lawn not just to add beauty and add a natural look to the home but to also help family members live a healthier life by a close source of fresh air. Lawn maintenance is important in making your home glow and the care or treatment given to the lawn year round changes based on seasons and let’s face it, you do not want to be the one with the dirty lawn in the neighborhood so it important that the lawn is kept fresh, pruned and bright but many times you are too busy to give the lawn the attention its needs and this is where Tampa Lawn Care services comes in. Tampa Mow provides consultation and maintenance services for its client who desire to have the best possible lawn. Our services are performed in a flawless manner and without delay, we also keep a spreadsheet documenting every visit, and recommendations on how the lawn should be further maintained the rate at which it should be watered, when it should be pruned etc.

Tampa Lawn care

When it comes to maintaining your lawn Tampa Law care services includes but is not limited to the following functions:

Watering: We provide advice on how frequently and the quantity of water to be used in watering the lawn. As seasons differ the need for water either increases or reduces and adjusting the quantity of water poured on the plants during such times is important. Plants need water to grow and the common rule is that 6 to 8 inches of the soil should have enough water in it to enable the root grow deeper in the ground and when the plants aren’t properly watered their colors begin to change and turn brownish this is an indication that it needs water.

Mowing:  it can be compared to cutting your hair, when your hair grows you cut it not only to reduce its height to what you want but to also trim it so that its even and when this is done it looks more beautiful and attractive and the same applies to your lawn. Lawns that aren’t mowed look unkept and they lose their beauty. Mowing your grass not only enhances its beauty but it also reduces the stress on its roots. It is advised that your lawn maintains the height of you grass between 2-3 inches from the ground depending on the season.

Fertilizing: Fertilizers are used to help grasses grow and keeps them healthier which is the desire of any lawn owner.  We recommend the best type of fertilizers to be used and provide instructions on how they should be used.

Weeding: Weeding is the act of removing unwanted plants. Weeding should be done frequently to allow the wanted plants grow as comfortably and healthily as possible.

Contact Tampa Mow lawn care services for your lawn maintenance services. We also have consultation services to give advice and training on how to maintain lawns give your lawn its beauty.


20 Oct 2015

Water feature or fire pit?

Thinking about installing a water feature or fire pit? Tampa Mow can help with both!  There are pros and cons of each. A fire pit is certainly more social, but this is Florida after all.  You may get limited use out of it.  Water features are more of a challenge to maintain, especially if you […]