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20 Sep 2020

Bush Hog Services in Odessa, Lutz, Tampa Areas

Hillsborough and Pasco Bush Hog Services

If you are looking for Bush Hog or Brush Hog services in Tampa, especially Odessa, Lutz, Wesley Chapel, Land O Lakes, Hillsborough or Pasco County, look no further.  Bush Hogging or Brush Hogging is what we do.

We are centrally located in Lutz just north of Tampa but we commonly bush hog in Odessa, Tarpon Springs, Land O Lakes, St Pete, Clearwater, and all areas surrounding Tampa.

Bush Hogging is field mowing, not lot clearing

“Bush hogging” is also called tractor mowing, field mowing, pasture mowing, brush mowing, brush hogging, and bush hog service to name a few alternate terms. Here in the Tampa area of Florida, most people call it “bush hogging.” Bush hogging is not land clearing, however. We do provide land clearing services at an extra cost. If you have an 8-foot high brush or small trees to be removed, please let us know as this requires an in-person estimate.

You can read more about field mowing and lot clearing here.

We partner with property owners, construction companies, and property investors to keep their large property, vacant lots, or construction sites free of brush and overgrown areas. We have cabbed tractors so that we can mow in the hottest weather or during the rain.

If you are looking for Bush Hogging, Brush Hogging, Feild Mowing, or large area lot cleanup in the Tampa area, we are the best. Just give us a call at 813-454-1050 and we will provide you with a competitive quote to bush hog your property today.

We are based in Lutz but have bush hogged properties far away. Most of our clients have properties in Tampa, Odessa, Land O Lakes, Wesley Chapel, and areas off I-4 south east of Tampa.

We bush hog all areas in Hillsborough and Pasco county.

What is Bush Hogging?

Bush Hog or Brush Hog services is a term for clearing land with a rotary mower, typically attached to the power-takeoff (PTO) of a tractor. It takes some level of skill to bush hog properly.

During the summer months, we recommend bush hogging about every 3 weeks. During the winter, bush hogging services can drop to once per month or less frequently.

Bush Hogging is not fine mowing. With a fine mower, you can only mow over grass. Your typical lawnmower is a fine mower, for example. You would not want to attempt to mow over a bush with a 4-inch diameter stalk with a regular lawnmower.

With a bush hog attached to a tractor, we can mow over most shrubs and small trees. If you have obstacles on your property such as stumps, bricks, or concrete blocks please notify us before we start mowing. Also, please let us know of any septic tanks on the property before we start.

Call us today at 813-454-1050 if you would like to inquire about bush hog services in Tampa, Lutz, Odessa, or anywhere in Hillsborough or Pasco county.


07 Jun 2019

Tampa lot clearing

If you are looking to have your property cleared so that you can start over with fresh new landscape, you have come to the right place. At Tampa Mow, we can tackle all types of projects from removing large stubborn stumps to clearing out overgrown bushes, hedges and various varieties of plants. If your land dips or has wet areas, it is no problem, Tampa Mow has the equipment and knowledge to flatten your land and prepare it for landscaping that will make your neighbors green with envy.

At Tampa Mow we do it all, ranging from removing current vegetation and preparing your land for planting to actually picking out plants, transporting them and planting them. Many homeowners wish to do landscaping themselves, which is fine, however a single individual would not want to tackle a project like digging out a stump on their own. At Tampa Mow, we have had homeowners call us after spending several weekends attempting to dig out a palm stump or similar tree. Most people don’t realize the complexity of the root structure for these plants and what they are really getting into by attempting their removal or transplant. Tampa Mow has been contacted by homeowners who have spent days upon days digging at their vegetation when we could have cleaned the area out professionally in 2 to 3 hours. For comparison, these homeowners were working for less than $5 an hour in the hot Florida sun when they could have just called Tampa Mow while be put our heavy-duty equipment to the test. In fact, you can hire the experts at Tampa Mow for less than what most big-box stores rent their diesel equipment for.

We can almost guarantee that in the time it takes a homeowner to best use a rented backhoe we could have your job completed and be on our way. There definitely is a steep learning curve for operating a backhoe or tractor with various implements. One thing to consider when lot clearing or removing bushes and hedges in Tampa is that you never know what you are going to encounter. Like Forrest Gump states, “life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re going to get”. The same can be said for Florida landscaping and vegetation removal. For example, we have encountered six trees that were removed in under a minute. We have also removed shrub like bushes with a complex, wide root structure. For example, if hedges are growing next to palm trees, the roots can become intertwined, making digging them out with a shovel next to impossible. Tampa Mow has even been hired by homeowners who have attempted to remove their shrub roots by chainsaw, which seems difficult to imagine, but we have encountered several times. At the very minimum, this practice is damaging the chainsaw’s bar and chain. Don’t misuse your tools or damage your equipment. Give Tampa Mow a call and we will design a plan to attack your roots and ensure you have usable ground to build the landscape of your dreams.

07 Jun 2019

Tampa large area mowing

If you have a yard that is simply too large for a push mower to take care of, then you can call Tampa Mow to maintain any size area of land ranging from backyards to golf courses on a consistent schedule.

We do bush hogging, field clearing, tree and limb clean up, bush and shrub removal and more.  Our diesel tractor is equipped with a rough cut mower for shrubs and small trees, a backhoe and grapple for larger trees, and a fine cut mower for fine lawns and grass.

At Tampa Mow, we have three tractors and multiple mowers including a small 30-inch wide cut tractor, paired with a larger 55-inch tractor that can be equipped with a 50 inch wide bush hog, and a hydraulic stand-up mower.

The bush hog can clear any size area of land covered with debris leftover from surrounding nature, or even a hurricane. Often times, people will buy their own push driven bush hog that simply does not have the power or range of one powered by a tractor, the frustration created from having to push a machine that can barely clear a small area can be eliminated by calling Tampa Mow, where we have high-grade equipment capable of clearing large sticks, weeds, and other debris.

At Tampa Mow, we specialize in large plots of land, however, our two tractors can both easily fit through suburban homes to clear or maintain land. The smaller tractor is 30 inches wide, meaning it can fit through small gates and mow any size of land that might be beyond which may have been too large to mow with a push mower, but too small to be accessed by a larger tractor or team of mowers. These tractors can move at high- speeds resulting in quick care of large areas of land, without bumping into objects in the path including gates, houses, air-conditioning units, or anything that might block a larger tractor. Weekly maintenance of high acreage lands can take hours out of your weekend. If you give Tampa Mow a call, we can consistently come by to care for your lawn. With the myriad of attachments available on our tractors, we can clear large golf courses or lots, along with tilling or scraping large areas of turf to prepare for mowing.Tree Trimming In Tampa

Often times, we see other landscape companies mowing under bad conditions such as rain or damaged soil. Here at Tampa Mow we care about the quality of our client’s yard, so if we see poor conditions to mow such as wet or damaged soil, we will gladly reschedule to ensure a healthy lawn. One of the most common mistakes people make while caring for their yard is cutting their grass too short. Height of the grass is one of the most important considerations as the height of grass controls how many nutrients the plant takes in. At Tampa Mow, our tractors have pre-set heights to which we cut grass to create a healthy, green yard. We have the skills and knowledge to create and keep a beautiful lawn and have methods to clean it without using pesticides. With the two size ranges of tractors, we can get hard to reach areas with ease. Paired with simple equipment such as weed whackers and tractor attachments, we not only mow large areas but also clear them of any debris ranging from crabgrass to stumps.

For pricing, simply text a photo of your land to 813-454-1050.