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How often should I care for my lawn?
The most common grasses in Florida are of the St. Augustine or Centipede variety and should be given fertilizer once about every two months. St. Augustine grass is commonly used here as a result of their low price and sodium resistance; these specific grasses should not grow over 2 inches and can be given Iron Sulfate as a supplement for color. Brown or dead patches may arise from oil secretion from the leaves of many common trees in South Florida.

What plants grow best here in Florida?
Naturally, plants that require a cold and dormant period for growth such as tulips are a challenge to grow in Florida’s hot, humid climate. Most homeowners stick with grass and native species, however, citrus, bulbs, and tubers thrive in our natural soil. Most trees grow quickly in the land, with palm trees being a fan favorite for many. Perennials such as the Autumn Fern can survive the constant heat, but most plants tend to be those that require a summer climate.

How can I grow citrus trees on my property?
Citrus trees are fairly easy to grow here in Florida’s tropical climate and can be planted at almost any time in the year. Citrus saplings must be placed in a sunny spot in order to receive 5 or more hours of sun per day. The soil must drain water quickly in order to not drown the sapling, and must be fertilized frequently. As the tree grows, it should be fed and surrounded, but not covered, with mulch. Be careful as to not water the plant too quickly, as citrus can easily be overwhelmed by water. Pruning can help but is not required when growing citrus.

What time should I set my sprinkler for?
The best time to water your lawn is early in the morning, typically any time before 10 a.m. in order to complement cool temperatures that allow grasses to soak in water before it evaporates. To avoid fungi growth, never water in the evenings, and keep grass at a good length, but not too long. Water twice a week for most grasses, but less for new sod. The best tip to keep a steady watering schedule is to use a timer.

What techniques can I use to have a better lawn?
Maintenance of weeds, bushes, and trees insures a healthy looking lawn, as overcrowding drains nutrients from the soil. Choosing a grass type common in Florida such as the St. Augustine or Centipede variety with attributes similar to other plants you are growing helps with overall health of the land, as all nutrients are used from the soil, as long as you keep a constant habit of fertilizing. The most important tip in the end, is to make sure the grass doesn’t grow out of control and stays only a few inches tall (never more than 5).

What vegetables can I grow in Florida?
The constant sun and vibrant land sustain a large variety of vegetables and spices in the Tampa area. From garlic to peppers to pumpkins, most vegetables imaginable can grow with the proper care in Florida. Typically, new gardeners will start with a fruit such as the popular strawberries and oranges, as the soil and climate allow for rapid, bountiful harvests of fruit.

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