Short post today about the importance of hiring a reputable Tampa landscaper.  I was reminded today that as a child, my parents hired a contractor to do some work in their home in Waco, TX near Baylor University.  About 2 weeks later, our home was broken into, and obvious items (like the family silverware set) were stolen.


My parents reported this to the local police, and we were informed that we were the third person who reported a break-in in just a month after hiring this contractor.  In fact, the tool marks used for prying the door open were identical to the other break-ins.  It didn’t take Sherlock Holmes to figure out who was responsible.


At Tampa Mow, we do a lot of work for high-income families.  Most of our crew are family members.  When we do bring in outside help, our employees are well vetted.  We don’t hire people with criminal records, drug problems, attitudes, or unsightly tattoos.  We only hire honest, responsible people- individuals who can clearly understand your directions, offer professional input, and who are presentable and respectable.


To our knowledge, no customer has ever had an issue with Tampa Mow or one of our employees.  We have been trusted with gate codes, keys to property and combinations to fence locks.  When you hire Tampa Mow, you can rest assured we will treat your property like we treat our own.