Tree Planting: Tampa Mow Knows How!

If you are looking for how to plant trees in the Tampa, Florida area, you have come to the right place! Tampa Mow offers services such as tree removal and planting or transplanting of large trees.  Sometimes the trees customers contact us about are too heavy to move by hand.  Thankfully, we have a powerful tractor running with hydraulic buckets, claws, and tillers that are more than capable of moving a tree that is too cumbersome to move by oneself. Tampa Mow also has the knowledge for planting a wide variety of trees and clearing driveways or entire yards of weeds or other junk.

Planting Trees in Tampa the Right Way

What is the right way to plant a 100 pound tree in Tampa?  We use the plastic pot to set your tree in the right place, then cut it with a box blade when it is set.  This causes minimal damage to the tree.  We also have a tractor to transport your tree to its new home.  Before the tree has been properly acclimated to the soil, we use the right equipment in order to dig a suitable hole and evenly spread fertilizer. Our process of planting trees guarantees that large heavy greenery is planted correctly and efficiently, with the right tools and supplies.

Tree Planting Do’s and Dent’s

There are many tree planting tips we could share, but here are the top.


Plant at the top of hills- One of the most common ways trees are killed is from excess water as a result of their location. Make sure to plant high so all unnecessary water not absorbed by roots flows away.

Break up roots- Leaving the root ball as is before planting restricts the plants growth. Break up any root clusters you see while pruning tangles roots.

Dig a large hole and fertilize before planting- If you plant a tree in a small hole without fertilizer, expecting any growth will be a gamble. Providing proper space and soil will encourage the sapling to rapidly grow into a large tree.

Mulch around the tree- Mulch helps prevent the tree from heating up and drying out. Using a quality mulch in the correct form without touching the trunk adds a layer of support and protection against the harsh Floridian heat.


Forget to water newly planted trees or shrubs- The best way to make sure you are watering correctly is to physically check beneath the mulch and make sure the root ball is soaking up water.

Water too quickly- New trees have not had the opportunity to expand their root structure. The best way to water a new tree is to crack the hose open just a bit and leave it to slowly soak the root ball and surrounding area for about thirty minutes. This ensures a thorough soaking of the root ball.

Damage the tree during transportation- If you stand the tree up on the back of a truck or trailer, you risk wind damage to a trees leaves. For example, if you are driving home at 50 mph, your tree is being damaged by 50 mph winds, the best thing to do is leave it to the professionals at Tampa Mow to transport and plant your tree.

Tree Planting Adds Value to Florida Homes

Studies have found again and again that planting trees and landscaping is the best investment you can make to raise your property value. If you are getting ready to sell your home, now is the perfect time to pull out those old weeds and plant new trees and colorful plants around your home. Generally, realtors will tell you that the return on a tree planting or landscaping investment in the Tampa area is at least going to cover your initial investment, if not double it or more. Landscaping is simply the easiest thing you can do to sell your house quickly for the highest value possible.

Add Shade to Your Yard with Planting Trees

Tree planting is one of the most environmentally friendly way to keep your summer electric bill down. Especially in Florida with exceptionally high heat during the summer, just a few trees benefit looks, value, and quality of life.

We Have the Right Tools for Tree Planting

Our tree planting tools include a heavy duty diesel tractor and landscape trailer to get your tree investment safety home. The diesel tractor comes equipped with the right equipment to excavate a hole with sizes ranging for a small to a substantial tree, along with moving or transplanting any greenery. The tools ensure that the planting process is fast, so the tree doesn’t lose vital soil or root structure.

How to Get Started With Your Tampa Area Tree Planting Project

We can meet you at a landscape supply or hardware store where you pick out your specimens for your tree planting project and stock up on the compatible fertilizer. Our landscaping equipment and knowledge will ensure you will never have to lift a finger in the process of improving your yard. A new tree and a 15 gallon container or larger can weigh 100lbs or more. At Tampa Mow, we have the right equipment to get your tree to its new home without damaging your new investment, or your back.