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Tampa Area Mulch, Dirt, and Gravel Services


If you have a significant amount of mulch to be spread, we can do it! Our front-end loader can pick up large quantities of mulch and spread it fast. We can also lift bags of mulch and move them quickly with our grapple attachment. We can pick up the mulch for you from a landscape supply business, or purchase bags from a nearby Home Depot or Lowes.

At Tampa Mow, LLC we also can take up your current mulch and put down landscape fabric to hinder weed growth. If you are tired of weeding, we recommend you put down weed fabric before adding mulch.


Compare against mulching yourself in Lutz, Odessa, Land O Lakes, Wesley Chapel, Carrollwood, Tampa and more. Most yards, front and back need about 5 cubic yards of mulch.  We go to the landscape supply store and purchase it by the cubic yard and deliver and spread to your property. We typically pay about $150 for 5 cubic yards of pine bark or cypress mulch which is enough to re mulch an entire medium-sized property.

Compare to our local Lowes or Home Depot where a 2 cubic foot bag will cost you about $4 including tax. To equal the $150 for 5 cubic yards, you would have to purchase 135 bags or $540 worth of mulch!

As you can see, it's often cheaper and always easier to hire Tampa Mow, LLC to buy, transport, and spread mulch to your beds.


We do all kinds of driveway or parking lot gravel spreading and fill work. Have your dirt or gravel delivered to your property and we can use our boxblade or boxscraper (we have both) to level it all out.

Need something burried or a hole dug? We have a backhoe attachment as well.  We can compact boats, sheds, mobile homes and more!




Tampa Mow for Your Mulch, Gravel, or Dirt Spreading Needs!

Everyone needs mulch. We can estimate, deliver and spread all the mulch you need. We can fill in low spots on your driveway or parking lot by spreading dirt, gravel, or both.

  Reduce liability by leveling your parking area.
  Lower damage to your vehicle by smoothing out your driveway
  Significantly increase property value by spreading mulch.
  Fast storm response clean-up.
  Reasonable rates- we don't overcharge due to an impending or recent storm.

We have all the gear needed to transport, spread, and level your mulch, dirt, or gravel.
We have a large grapple for removing felled trees from your property. When we leave, it's like the tree was never there. Please check with your county office for required permitting before hiring us to remove a tree.
At Tampa Mow we can help with storm clean-up or preparing for the next big one by removing limbs near your home.
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