Stump Removal in Tampa

Tampa Mow specialized in effective stump removal in Tampa.  Most stump removal companies simply grind a stump to just below the ground, leaving the land unusable and also the possibility of regrowth.

At Tampa Mow we offer stump removal with a plan.  We can give you multiple options for replacing the stump or tree that once occupied your yard.  While many homeowners go with a simple re-sod, we can discuss replacing your removed stump with another tree or yard feature.

Stump Removal In Tampa

Best Stump Removal in Tampa

At Tampa Mow, we give our customers a wide range of options for stump removal.  We can simply grind your stump down to below the property line which is the most cost-effective option. Property owners that do not care about sod or plant re-growth often chose this option.

For property owners that want to plant sod after the stump is removed, we recommend having us pull out the entire stump and root ball.  Not only does this eliminate the possibility of re-growth, it lets us replace the stump with fill dirt, topsoil, and fresh sod to match the landscape.

The Right Gear for Removing Stumps in Tampa

At Tampa Mow, we have a variety of stump removal equipment.  Our stump grinder eliminates stumps to approximately 2 inches below the soil line.  Our backhoe can completely remove a stump and root ball.  If you have bamboo or similar plant that grows out of an extensive root mass, hiring Tampa Mow to use our backhoe may be your only option for effective, immediate stump removal.

We never remove stumps in Tampa or the surrounding areas with poisons that can leak into your well system or poison surrounding vegetation.  Killing a stump with poison is potentially dangerous and poses a hazard to surrounding plants and the underlying water table.

Stump Removal in Tampa: Digging and Replacing

For discriminating customers that want the entire stump removed, Tampa Mow can dig your stump out with a backhoe and replace it with dirt fill, then a layer of topsoil, then anything you desire on the ground surface.  Some property owners opt for the area to be re-sodded, while other property owners want a replacement tree.

Before just replacing the tree, especially if the tree was diseased, the experts at Tampa Mow will determine what options would suit you best.  If you are replacing a diseased tree, let’s investigate why the tree got sick in the first place. Often, homeowners will plant trees in an area that used to be a swamp and the trees will drown. Cyprus trees in the area, especially that are level to the surface you are trying to grown on, can indicate that the area was too wet to use.

There are several options to remedy this.  The homeowner can try a different variety of tree that is more tolerant to wet areas.  Or, Tampa Mow can construct a planter box that raises the mass of the root ball above the ground level thus giving the tree dry periods and reducing the chance for disease.