Tampa Shrub, Bush, and Hedge Removal

At Tampa Mow, we specialize in difficult to remove shrubs, bushes, or hedges.  Plants in Florida are unique to say the least. Sometimes at Tampa Mow we find customers that want hedges removed and it’s as simple as one or two scoops with a backhoe and a trip to the landfill.

Shrub removal is much more difficult with palm trees around.  Anyone who has ever tried to dig around a palm tree know how the root structure makes the ground next to impossible to break up with hand tools.

Hedge Removal in Tampa: What Not to Do

Often homeowners try to remove hedges in Tampa around oak or palm trees that have root structures which make the removal next to impossible.  We have seen customers that have even tried taking a chainsaw to the ground because a shovel won’t penetrate more than an inch deep.  While you can remove a hedge this way, it will ruin your chainsaw blade and your bar, not to mention potentially overheating your saw.

If you are looking for the best shrub, bush, or hedge removal company that can get into small areas and remove plants you have found it.  Don’t break your back or ruin your tools on a job we are experienced with and have the proper tools for the task.

Bush Removal in Tampa

If you have a bush that has become overgrown, Tampa Mow can give you a variety of options.  Sometime if the growth is sparse or if the plant is sick, digging up the plant is the best option.  Other times, pruning the bush back with a chainsaw or lopping shears is the easiest option.

Tampa Mow has diesel powered landscaping equipment including a backhoe, loader, grapple, tiller, box blade, field mower and more that can help you achieve the front yard of your dreams.  We can get into tight spaces because of our specialized equipment and expertise.

Shrub Removal in Tampa

Shrub removal in Tampa can be a hot and back-breaking task if you don’t have the right tools for the job. If you are wanting a total yard cleanup and your front yard is just a mess of overgrown roots impossible to break up by hand, we are the company you need.  We have a box blade with scarifier to break up surface roots, and a backhoe and grapple for problem roots.

Scarifier and Box Blade for Quickly Ripping up Roots and Leveling Your Ground


Most customers are surprised to find that hiring Tampa Mow for a day can be cheaper than renting a backhoe. Even if you can find a backhoe for cheap, it’s likely it will take several days of operation to build the skills needed to operate it proficiently.  Most of all, if your shrub, bush, or hedge is near a window or against your house, do you really want to risk your largest investment if you are not an experienced heavy equipment operator?

Shrub, Bush, and Hedge Removal Pros in Tampa

Tampa Mow are the shrub, bush, and hedge removal pros. Give us a call today or text us a photo of your project to 813-454-1050 and we can get you a quote.  We can remove the most stubborn of shrubs, bush, and hedges.

Getting Started on a Hedge Removal Project


Shrub Removal


Look at All Those Roots! We Can Solve Your Root Problem.