Scientists identified the smallest amount of exercise needed to improve brain function. Now, in an effort to help us keep changing our habits as little as possible while maximizing health benefits, another study has even better news. An analysis in The British Medical Journal reports that incredibly short amounts of very easy exercise can have powerful effects.

Gardening can be one of the easiest ways to get exercise, especially for the elderly. Also, gardening actually gives us a return on the amount of energy we expend. Compared to jogging, sure, jogging burns more calories. But with gardening, we get an end result to show for our efforts.  And if we plan carefully, we can enjoy the healthiest fruits and vegetables that will keep us healthy.

Researchers in China showed that activities like gardening, walking, or dancing in a non-vigorous, leisurely way for 10 minutes to an hour per week was associated with an 18-percent lower risk of death compared to people who did nothing. And the more time people spent doing these chill exercises, the better they fared. People who went above and beyond and did at least 150 minutes per week (that’s at least 30 minutes every weekday) had a 34-percent lower risk of death over the course of the study.